Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gettin' organized

Well, today is the last day before the craziness begins; the calm before the storm, as it were. Here's what's on tap.

Friday afternoon, Lisa (my sister) and Tom (her fiancé) arrive in Newark airport slightly after 5 o'clock. They'll take the shuttle into NYC and meet me at Penn Station. Mom then arrives via Amtrak slightly after 6:30, also at Penn Station. Coordinating all this is going to be... fun.

Once I've gathered the motley crew together, I've got to feed them and get them to bed. Then it's off to the Lucky Cat for Aftershock, a new night run by the Society Cleaners guys. This is the revamped version of Wrecking Ball, where I saw Enduser a while back. I'm going to drop off a demo for them in hopes they'll let me spin there at some point.

Saturday will also be activity filled. I'm taking everybody to see the new production of Sweeney Todd that afternoon. Unfortunately, Lisa and Tom need to leave right after the show, as they need to catch a flight back to Atlanta at 7:45. Then I've got to get Mom back to the house. Then I gotta get prepped for Contempt and get there by about 9:30.

(Don’t I kinda sound like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas?)

Anyway, after stumbling home probably around 5ish on Sunday morning, I've got to get up at some point and get Mom to the train at 3 that afternoon. Then, rumor has it that there's a great show at Tonic that night. I'm gonna do my best to make that.

Then it's off to work again on Monday, followed by Front 242 playing Irving Plaza that night. Then another great show at Rothko on Wednesday, Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Man, I'm gonna die. But die happy...

In other organization news, the nice people at MBNA have agreed to lend me $50k. This is nice, as I'll be able to consolidate all my debt and still have some left over to sock away somewhere. The interest rate is not the greatest, but I've had worse. It will also be nice to have just one payment a month to worry about. Fewer things to keep track of is always nice.

Scrapping off the guardrails of the information superhighway in my head:

Joy Division - Still
(bleak, bleaker, bleakest)

Various - Robots Volume 1
(a disc full of Kraftwerk-ian musick)

Sofa Surfers - See The Light
(I and I like da rubadub stylee)

Supreme Beings Of Leisure - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
(everybody lounge)

Dead Kennedys - Bedtime For Democracy
(the last real DK release)


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