Friday, November 18, 2005

Aggro baby

I went to see Bianca go-go at Lucky 13 in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. A friend of hers runs a punk/metal night there. I got there a bit early to check out the DJ and was fairly impressed, but was more pleased by his selection than his mixing abilities.

And this got me thinking... Why not me?

Unfortunately, my computer has been in pieces the last couple of weeks as I upgrade to Windows XP Professional. Because of the memory demands of XP Prof, I had to buy a shitload of more memory, too. Well, I finally installed it last night and in celebration of my newly reborn machine, I cut myself a punk/metal demo. So, without further a-duh, may I present DJ Abstract 11: The Headcrush Party. Yes, folks, almost sixty minutes of punk, grindcore, black metal, and general evil. Here be the tracklisting:

01 Immortal - Tyrants
02 Pantera - Shedding Skin
03 Big Black - Kerosene
04 Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off
05 Nasum - Resistance
06 The Acacia Strain - Brown Noise
07 Type O Negative - Summer Breeze
08 Dimmu Borgir - Allegiance
09 The Nefilim - Pazuzu (Black Rain)
10 Therapy? - Teethgrinder
11 Fugazi - Repeater
12 Bad Brains - Pay To Cum
13 Still Stupid - Mickey Christ
14 The Stains - John Wayne Was A Nazi
15 Black Flag - Black Coffee
16 G.G. Allin - You Hate Me & I Hate You (Public Animal #1)

It was an absolute ball throwing this together, although I gotta say I may have freaked out the cat a bit with my constant flailing about and guttural roaring. Don't get me wrong... Boopo loves the hardcore. Whenever I'm playing something extremely fast and aggressive, he'll curl up on the couch right next to the speaker. However, I think he's been caught under foot too many times when I've been lost in pogo-ing bliss, so he's starting to exercise some caution.

I tried to show a lot of diversity in this mix, so I jumped from style to style fairly quickly. I'm pretty sure the flow works well, but we'll see. I'll be delivering it to Lucky 13 next time Bianca does her thing there.

I would dance naked to:

DJ? Acucrack - Killing Mobius
(not as dancey as some of their other stuff; more experimental)

Various - Faster And Louder: Hardcore Punk
(culled a couple of tracks for the aforementioned comp)

Joseph Arthur - Come To Where I'm From
(late nights coming home on the subway)

Godflesh - Messiah
(four tracks plus four dubs equals eight gods)

Onyx - Bacdafucup
(promoting peace, tolerance, and positive gender roles since 1993...)


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