Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The agony and the ecstasy

Oh man, am I sore this morning. Had a very intense workout with my trainer on Monday night, followed by an amazing evening of swing dancing last night with Susan. I ache all over, especially my shoulder blades. Still, it's a pleasant, "been really active" kind of ache, so I'm not so much complaining as much as I am celebrating. It's been nice to get back to New York after having spent a miserable weekend in Philadelphia attending funeral services for my great grandmother and stepfather (Saturday and Sunday respectively).

I've really come to realize how much my world focuses on being here in New York. Admittedly, most people would consider the city in which they reside their primary focus, but to me it really is the center of the universe. Sure, I like to go on trips and such, but it's always so great to come home and be surrounded by all the people and places I hold dear.

Despite all that's happened lately, I find myself happier than I've been in a long time. This comes from several profound personal revelations that I've had over the last few months coupled with a newly found sense of contentment with my current situation. It's always an amazing thing to be completely comfortable with where you are. Experience has taught me that feelings like this tend to be fleeting, so I'm going to enjoy it fully, while it lasts. After that, I'll just hang on until it comes around again.

'Cause it always does.

Ruder than you:

Various - Crackmix III (Submix)
(DJ? Acucrack pulls out all the stops and packs da floor)

Miles Davis - The Complete Concert: 1964
(smoke and mirrors of the soul)

Abstract Audio Systems - Aedon
(bliss out, baby)

Various - RAH! The Mixtape
(Akira The Don gets props for protest)

The Dustmite - Assassin Of Memories
(dark hop lives on in the black hearts of men)


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