Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crack a Bru

Danny was kind enough to bring to my attention a fantastic concert opportunity: Dave Brubeck at Carnegie Hall. My dear friend was also kind enough to snag some great tickets and off we went last night.

So good.

Brubeck is now 85 years old and totters a bit when he walks, but his touch on the piano is as masterful as ever. He played several of his classics, including the ubiquitous "Take 5". He played two sets, the first with an extremely talent trio of fellow musicians (bass, drums, and alto sax) and the second with a full 12 piece band (billed as "the New York premier of the Dave Brubeck Big Band").

So good.

Both bands were incredibly tight and the sax man was absolutely brilliant. Towering high notes and bottomless bass note, flying up and down the scale at lightning speed. This was especially surprising because he certainly didn't look the part, as the gent was easily 240lbs and greyhaired, looking as if he would have a massive MI right there on stage. Still, he pulled it off with effortless aplomb.

The drummer was only allowed to show off once, but it was a spectacular solo that lasted about 5 minutes. And it wasn't just banging away. Lots of sublte brush work and odd synchopations.

Adding to the festivities was the special MC (for lack of a better expression): Bill Cosby. Cosby came out at the start of the concert and did about 10 minutes of very funny stuff before introducing the Man of the Hour (Mr. Brubeck). The Cos also did a long bit between sets and had the crowd in stitches on more than one occasion.

All in all, a wonderful night out. Seems I'm getting a lot of those lately.

Lucky me.

Gets ya beats here:

The Streets - MP3 Compilation
(grubby stories with crazy flow)

The Strokes - Is This It
(retro ho's)

Duke Ellington - The Great London Concerts
(the Duke and the boys display their considerable chops)

Various - Diggin Down Volume 01
(hiphop for weirdos... like me)


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