Friday, February 08, 2008

Drowning our reputation

Our CIA Director says that waterboarding is "necessary though probably not legal".


Especially astounding given that this detailed explaination (i.e. "It's bad, but we gotta do it") was enough to convince our Attorney General not to open a criminal investigation into waterboarding by the CIA.

So don't make Michael Hayden mad. Ever.

Men in ninja suits and black ski masks will break into your house, drag you to some undisclosed location, strap you to a board, stuff a rag in your mouth and then pour water on your face.

Hayden and the AG apparently think that it's OK to torture "an unlawful combatant" (can I get a definitive explanation of what that means, BTW?) if they are "possessing information that would help us prevent catastrophic loss of life of Americans or their allies."

Tyranny 1, Constitution and the core human rights beliefs of America, 0.

Actually, it's more like a hundred something to zero at this point.

Hayden went on to say that the CIA doesn't do this any more (at least since 2003 or so), but isn't it strange that he still said it was necessary, i.e. it's still in their bag of tricks?

I'm sure a bunch of folks are going to say, "But it's OK to use this technique on our enemies to save lives." Who determines who "our enemies" are? The guys pouring the water on your face? Remember that your belief that you are an American Citizen doesn't mean shit if they're convinced you're "an enemy combatant". No trials, no judgements by a jury of your peers.

Just torture. Pure, simple and evil. Each time we do it, we degrade ourselves and everything we are trying to protect in the first place. How can we expect the rest of the world to be civilized when we ourselves do not act like civilized men?

"I'ma drown you like dis."

Keeping me above water:

Swans - Kill The Child
(use a waterboard)

God - Appeal To Human Greed

L7 - Hungry For Stink
(you were dying)

Hive - Bedlam
(dnb in the place to be)

Mighty Force - Hypnovel
(whatever happened to these guys?)


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