Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gettin' hitched

Susan and I have just returned from London and we are now engaged. My modest proposal was made on one knee at the top of the London Eye in a private pod, 8pm GMT on Friday the 15th.

Susan was kind enough to accept my meager self.

While this sounds very romantic on paper (and it was, to a certain extent), the atmosphere was not as perfect as I had hoped. As you can see above, the Eye is all concrete and steel and the steward of the pod, who was pouring the champagne, had us feeling a bit "third-wheelie". Anyway, it was nice but not the flawless event I had envisioned.

Susan may disagree, but this ain't her blog. :)

Anyway, whilst in London we spent a lot of time at Gordon's Winebar. It's the oldest in London and is absolutely gorgeous; intimate, candle-lit and pretty much perfect.

Their website says it looks like this:

Without the benefit of a flash (not to mention a glass or two of good vino), we say it looks like this:

Either way, we were there in the late afternoon on the Sunday following our engagement, discussing our wedding and love in general. Struck by a moment of inspiration, I asked for the ring back, stood up, made a brief, impassioned speech to all the other patrons in the bar, then went down on one knee (AGAIN) and proposed (AGAIN). This brought the house down, as well as considerable tears to my lovely lady's eyes.

Very much more the reaction I had hoped for the first time :).

(As an aside, she said yes. AGAIN)

I am a very happy man.

Requiems for bachelorhood:

Immortal - Damned In Black
(which will most likely not be played at the reception)

Justice - Hears To The Future
(drop the hiphop heavy funkery)

The Higher Intelligence Agency - Freefloater
(quick ticket to bliss)

The Veils - The Runaway Found
(temporarily possessed by the vocalist from the Strokes)

Peanut Butter Wolf - The Jukebox 45's
(the boom, the bip, the boom bip)


Blogger derek said...

"My modest proposal was made on one knee at the top of the London Eye in a private pod"

how ironic.

a huge CD enthusiast like you...
proposing in an eye-pod.


1:13 PM  

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