Monday, March 28, 2005

And the dumb just get dumber

From CNN:

The Holy Communion that Terri Schiavo received Sunday afternoon was administered by Monsignor Thaddeus Malanowski, aided by the chaplain of the hospice where Schiavo lay.

"I gave her
the drop of precious blood on the tongue, so we know she received Christ," Malanowski said. He said he was unable to give Schiavo the traditional host wafer "because her tongue is dry and parched."

Ummm.... First of all, IT'S WINE, you dumbass. Does anyone actually BELIEVE in transubstantiation? Second of all, the reason you couldn't give her the traditional host wafer is not "because her tongue is dry and parched". It's because she's been BRAINDEAD since 1990 and is therefore unable to swallow.

Guess he didn't get the memo. Grrrrr.

Hopefully this will all be over soon, although I'm sure Terri Schiavo's parents will try some stupidity after she does die. Probably try and have her husband brought up on charges of negligent homicide. No criminal court will pay attention to them, so then we can look forward to the civil suit.

"Ignorance and fear - those are the twin bases of every religion." - de Sade


Blogger marvin said...

"Ignorance and fear" are usually reasons people tend not to believe in something, not reasons people CHOOSE to dedicate their entire lives to something. Skepticsism usually stems from those emotions...I'm happy to correct you Ben but extensive KNOWLEDGE, studying and great LOVE has driven me to have my relationship with the Lord just like any other relationship I choose to enter into...just the opposite.

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