Friday, March 18, 2005

We done, Whedon?

For years I fought it.

Years and years.

Then the infection flared and took over. It's all Rick's fault.

I love everything Joss Whedon. Buffy. Angel. Hell, even Firefly, though not as much. Firefly suffered because it never had a chance to fully develop. First seasons for most programs are fairly weak when compared to later episodes. Firefly was cancelled at the end of season one, so we never got to see Joss fully flesh out the rest of things as he did with Buffy and Angel. Looking forward to the full length feature, though.

Anyway, thanks to the godsend that is NetFlix, I have just finished watching the last season of Angel. Unfortunately, the ending had to be rushed because the show was also canceled. The last few episodes definitely show this. Things became apocalyptic (or more apocalyptic than usual, given the nature of the show) too fast and there was some resolve, but not enough. I was definitely left wanting.

Thanks, Fox.

The pacing for the final season of Buffy was, on the other hand, perfect. The slow boil approach, so that when the final episode arrived, everything was perfectly in place and it all made sense. Fantastic.

Anyway, all fawning aside, I thought I'd add some more fawning.

Joss needs to do more stuff. I miss his brand of television. I don't watch TV very much (in fact, with the advent of NetFlix, not at all), so I'm really picky about what I watch. 24, The West Wing (the best show on television, bar none) and CSI are great, but there's something about Joss sense of reality that pleases me immensely.

So, Joss. Get on the stick and give us some new stuff. Who's with me?

"Me and Aaron Sorkin can go headup any time!"
my server must be down or sumpin'

Today's headspace pilots:

Nina Simone - Collection 1
(some of her best stuff, courtesy of Danny)

Frank Sinatra with the Red Norvo Quintet - Live In Australia, 1959
(the Chairman kicks in Aussie style, including a devastating rendition of "Angel Eyes")

Ministry - Psalm 69
(it's a way to succeed and a way to suck eggs; Al hates you more than you know)

A Beautiful Machine - A Beautiful Machine
(shoegazing a la MBV)

Bassomatic - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Bass
(William Orbit brings the funk, pre-Madonna)

Peter Gabriel - Passion
(further proof that Phil Collins is incredibly lame)


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