Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I don't understand this. A man's death sentence was thrown out because the jurors had apparently consulted a bible during deliberations.

That's just ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong. I have serious issues with the death penalty. I'd recommend that everyone read "Who Owns Death" by Robert J. Lifton and Greg Mitchell, "Debating the Death Penalty" by Hugo Adam Bedau, as well as other related works. This is far from a black and white issue. I'd consider myself against the death penalty, but it is a tricky question.

My point is, however, that reading the bible just seems like a foolish reason to cast aside a ruling. I don't see why consulting a non-legal text should be grounds for changing anything. Most people who actually believe in the content of the bible are probably already familiar with the salient points, as well as some of the BIG QUOTES:

"An eye for an eye" (Exodus 21:24)
"He who kills a man shall be put to death" (Lev. 24:17)

(BTW, always found it amusing that Matthew pretty much comes out and says this is bullshit; see Matthew 5:38-39. Thanks, Matt.)

(But remember, the bible contains no contradictions...)



I just don't see the logic in overturning this ruling simply because the jurors read something. Makes no sense. I wonder if the ruling would have stood had they consulted the koran or the torah? Interesting question, no?

My favorite part of the CNN article is, of course, the quote from the ever reliable Focus on the Family folks.

"Today's ruling further confirms that the judicial branch of our government is nearly bereft of any moral foundation."

You're right. Nothing indicates a true lack of moral foundation like a reluctance to put a person to death.

Oh, by the way, aren't you "pro-life"?


Soundtrack to today's short film in my head:

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Beef Terminal - Crosscheck And Departure
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