Sunday, June 05, 2005

Some old bullshit

After a refreshing bike ride this afternoon, I was cleaning up some old files off of my computer. I came across a folder full of old stories I'd written in college. Most of them are crap, but there were a couple worth salvaging. Here's a creepy one I wrote in 1990. Hope ya'll don't hate it.

  Simon Edward Edmonds. Age, mid 40s. Occupation, transient." The warden paused. "He's quite insane."
  "That's why I'm here," Jeffery replied. He stood up, smiling coolly at the warden, and took the thick file from the desk. He turned curtly on one foot and left the office, a silent guard following him.
  Jeffery's light footsteps echoed loudly off the concrete walls of the prison.
  "He's quite insane," Jeffery mimicked mockingly. "Of course he's nuts. Otherwise they wouldn't have sent the best."
  The guard accompanying him continued to look forward stonily.
  The door to the disturbed ward rumbled open and Jeffery stepped through and into the vestibule. The heavy door slammed shut behind him, the resulting noise too loud in the small space. With a hiss, the second door opened and Jeffery stepped out into the brightly lit, sterile hallway.
  Shiny steel doors, featureless but for small eye-slits at eye level and small key pads set near them, lined the walls of the hall. Jeffery strode to the fifth door on the left and quickly punched in the correct code.
  The door slid silently open. He stepped into the cell.
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Simon's favorite CDs include:

Keane - Hopes And Fears
(oft compared to Coldplay, which is an injustice)

Various - DJ Abstract's Sweatbox Mix 5

Eurythmics - 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother)
(apparently director Michael Radford didn't like the soundtrack; idiot)

God - Appeal To Human Greed
(KMart and JKFlesh become positively cross and nail your head to the floor)

Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet
(welcome to the terrordome, mother fucker)


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