Wednesday, June 01, 2005

In praise of L'Uomo Casa E Famiglia

Several folks have been trying for quite some time to get me to check out Family Guy. Whelp, I finally bit the bullet and rented it from NetFlix.

Now if I don’t get my daily dose, I collapse into a jibbering mess on the floor, for the show had me hooked within the first 2 minutes of episode one.

The hook in question? Lois says something about bad self image causing people to do terrible things. Cut away to an exterior shot of a building labeled “Das Gym”, then to a suspiciously Hitler-looking individual struggling with small dumbbells. There’s chuckling in the background and the "camera" shifts to a completely buffed out dude with a chick on each arm… and a huge Star of David necklace.

Oh man. I knew immediately that I had arrived safely in the beautiful land of Pull No Punches.

Family Guy is just awesome. Nothing is sacred and the out-of-the-blue cultural references are constantly fast and furious. It’s simply glorious.

Now, I'm not usually one to go out and actually PURCHASE DVDs, but I’m sorely tempted to pick these up. The number of times I was up off the couch, jaw on the floor, hands at my trembling sides, screaming, "Oh my god, they really did it!" are just simply too many to count.

Finally, a show that indulges in the same kind of heartless, reprobate humor that I wallow in myself.

Vive Chef De Famille!

These Huggies do not make my ass look big:

Mortician - Chopped Up For Barbeque / Zombie Apocalypse
(more z-grade horror movie samples than you can shake a severed arm at)

Bowery Electric - Beat
(imagine My Bloody Valentine on an extended heroin nod)

Strategy - Drumsolo’s Delight
(dubby ambient goodies from the fine peeps at Kranky)

Nudge - Cached
(the further weird-ass jazz-o-glitch adventures of Nudge)

Anne Dudley And Jaz Coleman - Songs From The Victorious City
(Art Of Noiser and Killing Joker team up for Arab-inspired soundscaping)


Blogger ocular spectra said...

ben, i hate to say i told you so, but i told you so and then i told you so again.

now i'm telling you: go buy this and this. or else one day, i promise you, your uppance will come!

7:37 PM  

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