Thursday, July 21, 2005


Next week is shaping up to be quite a funfest.

I'll be catching Kid 606, Knifehandchop, and Eats Tapes at Northsix on Wednesday. This will be one of their two stops in NYC on their Paws Across America tour. The other show is on Friday and I'd love to see them twice.


My buddy Bitshifter is playing downstairs at the Knitting Factory that night. This is a man who needs to be seen to be believed. He performs his music with... here it comes...


Yup. In a flurry of 8-bit madness, Josh creates some of the coolest, quirkiest electronic ditties. Very wicked stuff. Nasty, programmed breaks and skittering rhythms. Lots of nice blips and pops. Much fun. I saw him first when I was spinning at Dogs Blood Rising (RIP - miss those days). He was awesome, though it was a complete bitch following him up with a decent DJ set. Did what I could, though. So I expect it to be a slamming show.


I'm seriously contemplating catching The Dirtbombs that night, too. Saw these maniacs first back in April and they BLEW MY MIND. They're playing the main stage at the Knitting Factory, so if Bitshifter is done before they go on, who knows? Perhaps I'll head upstairs and catch their set, too.

It is my sincere hope that this is how it goes down.

In any event, next week is going to be chock full o' music, which is just how I like it, baby.

Today's tune fix:

Bauhaus - Swing The Heartache (The BBC Sessions)
(the mislabeled gods of goth)

His Name Is Alive - Livonia
(beautific weirdness from the treasure trove that is 4AD)

Tom Waits - Alice
(further proof that Tom is one of the most diverse artists in existence)

Pain Teens - Pain Teens
(a favorite tiny platter of fear)

Godflesh - Songs Of Love And Hate
(heavy, heavier, heaviest)


Anonymous b. anca said...


im so sick of booze. i just want to dance and have fun with my friends!

10:55 AM  

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