Thursday, July 07, 2005

The more things change

London is beset again.

Harkening back to the days of the IRA at its most violent, bombs exploded in the transit system during the height of rush hour. Hundreds have been injured and the number of fatalities is as yet unknown.

Welcome back the senselessness of terrorism, Londoners.

As mayor Ken Livingstone said, "This was not a terrorist attack against the mighty or the powerful. It is not aimed at presidents or prime ministers. It was aimed at ordinary working-class [people]."

Much the same as 9/11, much the same as what’s going on in Israel, much the same as what goes on in countless places around the globe every day.

This is violence with no ultimate purpose. Certainly fear can be an effective motivator and does bring attention to issues, but in the end, it simply compounds the violence and hatred. You attack us and kill our citizens, so we attack you and kill your citizens. Is there ever resolve?

One of the most difficult things about being a pacifist is the realization that it goes against human nature. For every levelheaded, nonviolent person, there are a hundred gun-toting crazies. For every Gandi, for every MLK, there are a hundred Jihad lunatics, militia madmen and KKK members. Deep in all of us (although very near the surface of far too many) lurks the caveman with his club and his "might-makes-right" attitude. Take what you want by force, regardless of consequence. Someone disagrees with you? Kill them and pave the way.

Simplistic, barbaric, and ultimately foolish and counterproductive.

I realize that a peaceful utopia is an unachievable ideal. However, I think if more people stopped to consider the far reaching effects of their actions, they'd be less inclined to do violence, for how can you reach your goals and establish your place in the world if a large percentage of it hates you?... short of wiping out every one who doesn't think the same way you do, which it sometimes appears is the actual goal of these people.

This type of violence is also inherently cowardly because of its anonymity. Since there is no face on which to lay the blame, because there is no recognizable responsible party to hold accountable, people will simply hate those who fits the stereotype. Anyone who looks even vaguely Middle Eastern now gets yet another additional dose of mistrust and suspicion from those around them.

And what's next for the Arab world?

Expect more military pressure from the West as George Bush gleefully draws parallels to 9/11. More bombing, more soldiers, more dead children, more maimed civilians, more death, more misery, more global hatred and fear of Muslims.

And less sympathy for what you believe in and no sympathy for those who believe in it.

Well done, you thoughtless brutes.

Just three of the people that now hate you the rest of the way.

Today’s suitably somber sonics:

Austere - Dark (Untitled) v1
(echoing, swirling dark ambience)

Austere - Dark (Untitled) v2
(dark ambient echoes and swirls)

Austere vs Stephen Phillips - Faded
(remixed, rethought remake of the epic classic, Fade)

Bowery Electric - Beat
(look! it's my shoes!)

Ministry - Filth Pig
('cause sometimes even I get angry)


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