Monday, August 08, 2005

The weekend that wasn't

Despite all my plans to the contrary, I had a fairly inactive weekend. And why? Because I drink too much. Friday's plans with Marti worked out as scheduled. We met up, went to Ocha (our favorite sushi place), ate a lot and had lots of saki. We then moved onto Planet Rose (our favorite karaoke joint), sang a lot and had lots of scotch. From what I remember, we had a good time.

I woke up on Saturday feeling ill. This almost never happens to me, but I guess the magical combination of raw fish, rice wine, and single malt scotch tests even my considerable recuperative powers. I spent the entire day feeling fairly icky, so I stayed in that evening and watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Alias (thanks as always to Netflix).

I did manage to extend my planned tradition of 50 mile bike rides on Sundays. Had a flat about 10 miles in and ended up having to walk the bike to a shop on 103rd and Amsterdam. Bless them for having Sunday hours. However, the detour threw my route off and I ended up going only about 48 miles. Also had weird leg cramps, which was no fun.

Then last night I reheated some pasta I'd made on Saturday and decided I'd enjoy a nice glass of wine or two with my meal. This ended up be a bottle of wine and a bottle of port.

I really need to slow down on the drinking. It's getting out of control, which freaks me out. I should probably quit altogether. Alcoholism runs in my family and it seems I'm starting to carry on the tradition. I keep thinking about going to AA or something, but their approach to recovery (i.e. lots of references to God and powerlessness) turns me off. Plus when I think of AA, I think of people who's lives have been destroyed by their addictions. I think I'd feel weird because my life is not all that fucked up.

What really surprises me about this whole thing is that I have a lot of will power. In fact, I'm mostly stubborn as hell. I just can't seem to apply it to the booze.

And I have to before it kills me.

CDs I'll take with me to Betty Ford:

Nasum - Inhale/Exhale
(better living through sonic brutality)

Various - DJ C's Rubber Teeth Mix
(ragga muffin breakcore techno freakfest)

Various - DTS Volume 11
(lovely tunes from Wicker Basket and Milieu)

Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist
(for those trips down to the chicken farm)

The Orb - U.F.Orb
(spiralling outward into ambient's unknown spaces)


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