Monday, October 31, 2005

"Scalito" PS

In an attempt to appease the hardline conservatives who so resoundly snubbed Harriet Miers, Dumbya has pulled Samuel Alito out of his proverbial judicial pocket.

Oh joy.

Alito is apparently so in line with the conservative views of Justice Scalia that he's been dubbed "Scalito".

That's just great.

This fine gent was the only dissenting opinion in 1991 when the 3rd Circuit court struck down a law requiring women to notify their husbands if they planned to get an abortion. Guess what, Sammy. Not up to us.

Women are the ones who carry the child, so it's their decision as to whether or not they have it. As brutal as it sounds, men really have no say. Sure, it's our responsibility once the child is born, but as to whether or not it gets that far? Not up to us.

Haven't been able to do too much more digging about the Alito guy, but he's already got me spooked. One Scalia is enough, thank you.

A back alley abortionist's best friends.


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