Tuesday, October 25, 2005

They fought the law

It's good to see that the cops in our post-9/11 world are steadfastly providing us with the safest living environment possible. It also seems that cleanliness is indeed next to godliness for these folks. Case in point, my friend Josh, the mad genius behind Bit Shifter, creator of music via Gameboy (as I've mentioned before). One would think that anyone nutty enough to create tunes on little boxes would indeed be a viable threat to our way of life in the Big Apple.

Apparently five-oh thought so too.

Josh and Nullsleep were putting up flyers for their show last weekend and were approached by two plainclothes officers. They were arrested, lead off in handcuffs, and thrown in the slammah! The cops snagged their shoelaces and belts (no hanging oneself over lost flyers in this city; hell no), but neglected to grab Josh's phone... Josh's camera phone...


Unbelievable. I find it stunning that the po-lease would waste time arresting two guys putting up flyers for a 8-bit music show. Boggles the mind. Let's hope there were no violent crimes in that neck of the woods at the time...

For more pics of the Big House, check out Bit Shifter's prison collection.

These go out to all my homies locked down:

Tom Waits - Mule Variations
(1 part whiskey, 1 part gravel, gargle as needed)

Various - Into The Mix
(two discs of prime boom boom)

Rekhmire - The Deviant Lounge
(on the bizarro downtempo tip)

Various - Kikapu Sampler 1-4
(four discs of gorgeous weird)


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