Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Well, I've decided to shirk my civic duty and not vote today. Despite what Freddy Ferrer would like you to think, it's going to be a blowout here in New York City. Bloomberg is gonna crush this guy. Hell, Bloomberg spent about 10 times as much money on his campaign as Ferrer did, so you certainly couldn't avoid being exposed to Mikey's message.

I literally NEVER heard or saw an ad for Ferrer.

Not one.

Since I consider the mayoral race kind of a dogcatcher race (which I suppose I shouldn't), I never really bothered to look into either candidate very deeply. I feel kinda bad about that. I used to be a lot more interested. I supposed too many years of having my vote ignored has truly soured me toward the entire electoral process. After all, why vote when the end result is a forgone conclusion (Bloomberg vs Ferrer) or is simply irrelevant because the election will be stolen anyway (Bush vs Gore, Bush vs Kerry)?

I will continue to participate in national level elections, but as for anything else, I can't be bothered. I realize this is pretty stupid, given that I live in New York City and therefore am affected by the decisions made by the mayor, but so far, I've no real solid complaints. My life is very much as it was under Big Rudy, so if there's been major bad changes, I've been blissfully unaware.

Guess that makes me kinda useless.

My campaign song will be picked from one of the following:

Various - DJ Abstract 8: Black Eye Mix
(breakcore jungle mashup)

Various - DJ Abstract 9: The Gossamer Mix
(step up for some shade)

Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power
(be a man, not a child)

Nasum - Various Deviances
(headcrush music)

Various - DTS Volume 3
(willin' to be chillin')


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