Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vitreous humour is tasty

Do you ever have one of those days where it's damn near impossible to keep your temper in check? Today is one of those days. Right now I'm in the mood to stab somebody in the eye with a stick.

Really hard.

The past week here at work has been particularly trying due to the interference of someone who isn't even part of my team. This woman (named Theresa, although I like to call her "fucking bitch") has been making promises to people regarding reports we generate. Unfortunately, she hasn't been telling us about these promises until the last minute. Add to that the fact that she keeps changing what she wants to see and you've got a recipe for serious eye-stabbage.

Theresa insists that the reports are now "a week late", even though the initial schedule was to have them out yesterday. This we did, but because of her never ending changes, we have to keep regenerating the results.

I should have been a carpenter like my father.

Being at the beck and call of people who are stupid and have no ethics sucks. Theresa is pulling all this bullshit because her team is way behind in the effort we've been driving. She's trying to fudge the numbers so she doesn't look bad.

Stab stab stab. Look! I've got eye goo on my suit!

Life would be so much easier if people learned to work together and, more importantly, FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY WANT BEFORE THEY ASK FOR IT!

End rant.

Blasting in my headphones as I set fire to your house:

Meat Beat Manifesto - At The Center
(Jack jazzes like a sumbitch)

KRS-One - Return Of The Boom Bap
(come to the Teacher and get served)

Nasum - Inhale/Exhale
(38 tracks of kick you in the head)

Mortician - Hacked Up For Barbeque/Zombie Apocalypse
(make sure you're properly dead before you start)

Hardfloor - TB Resuscitation
(they are, in fact, the true lords of acid)


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