Monday, December 12, 2005


A brief list of things I don't understand:

1) Dudes who hide in a stall when they pee instead of using the urinal
3) Anyone who watches NASCAR
4) The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular
5) Women's fascination with shoes
6) Women
7) Jerry Lewis
8) Anyone who watches Jerry Lewis (including all of France)
9) People who don't listen to music
10) People who listen to modern country music (not Pasty, Johnny, etc.)
11) People who think they can use heroin and not fuck their lives up
12) People who bring kids under the age of 5 to movies
13) People who bring kids under the age of 2 anywhere
14) R&B (not rhythm and blues in the classic sense; more like Repetitive & Boring)
15) People's continued fascination with Princess Diana
16) People's need for organized religion
17) People who think Lance Armstrong is not an athlete ("He just rides a bike")
18) Reality TV
19) NASCAR (I find it so mind boggling, I had to mention it twice)
20) People who don't move into the train all the way

5 things I completely understand:

Helmet - Strap It On
(and smack somebody with it)

David Bowie - Earthling
(dnb from DB)

Various - Rekall's Override Mix
(lickle bit o' breaks, lickle bit o' beat)

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry
(I should have gone to her concert instead of working)

L.U.Cipha - Witchez Bible
(so toxic)


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