Monday, May 01, 2006

Back in the saddle

Well, the weather is beautiful, I'm writing some music, and the Yanks are tied for first in the AL East. Life is kind of bright at the moment. Yesterday afternoon I hopped on my bike for the first time this year and went for a pleasant little ride. I showed up for my 6:30am spin class this morning only to discover that the key to the studio had been lost, so it looks like I'll be hopping on the bike again after work. Then I'm contemplating catching a photo show several of my friends are participating in at Arlene's Grocery tonight.

My good mood was slightly tripped up yesterday by a phone call from Mom. Apparently Skip has decided he wants to leave the hospice and come home, as he's feeling better. Unfortunately, this puts a lot more strain on Mom, given the ill relations between her and Skip's daughter. Additionally, the new medicine that Skip wants to take will cost $3000 a month and is not covered by his insurance, so it looks like he may bankrupt us all before he dies. The new medicine won't cure him, but may give him another six to eight months. Given his current state, I don't think it's worth it.

But then again, I'm not the one who is dying of cancer.

Dialing my brain from blend to puree:

Junkie XL - Radio JXL: A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin (7AM Dance)
(slammin' uptempo mix from JXL)

Junkie XL - Radio JXL: A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin (7AM Ambient)
(slumberin' downtempo mix from JXL)

Abstract Audio Systems - Gossamer
(the next CD I plan on submitting to CDBaby)

Opeth - Blackwater Park
(the soar with the roar)

Iggy Pop - A Million In Prizes
(38 tracks of unmitigated Ig)


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