Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Up and running

OK. It's been quite awhile since I've posted anything. There's been a lot going on. Started my new job last Monday and have been working hard ever since. There's tons of work to do here and I've been given a fair degree of autonomy. "Here's the process as it is. Take a look and improve what you think can be improved." Pretty cool, that.

I've also been seeing someone from eHarmony and have been having a great time with that. Still not 100% sure as to what is going to happen, where it's going to go, etc. but I've decided to just go with the flow and stop thinking too much. It may get me into trouble in the end, but I'll deal with that if it happens. For now, I'm happy with what's going on.

Anyway, not my usual stellar entry, but figured I'd put something up.

Audio brain cleansers:

Ministry - Rio Grande Blood
(tomorrow night at BB Kings, baby!)

Infected Mushroom - B.P.Empire
(trancer than you)

Skalpel - Skalpel
(Polski jazzski)

Swayzak - Loops From The Bergerie
(for every mellow fellow)

Various - Kikapu Sampler 15
(weird glitchy ambience from the edges of your head)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

infected mushroom, fucking israeli's they come here a lot, want to go sometime. solvent is so on!

b. anca

12:58 PM  

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