Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sit down and shut up PS

Apparently there's been quite a flap about AirTran throwing a family off one of their flights because the family's three year old was throwing an uncontrollable tantrum. Lots of folks are no doubt morally outraged ("She's just a child" and all that other bullshit), but I say, well done, AirTran! As a fairly frequent traveller, nothing drives me crazier than being stuck on a plane with a screaming kid who's parents who can't control them. I applaud AT's decision to have them removed; too bad other airlines don't follow their lead. AirTran also kindly refunded the Kaluszas' money and offered them free round trip tickets to anywhere (1st class, no less). The family declined and has vowed never to fly AirTran again.

Fine by me. But maybe this will teach them to keep their brat in check.

BTW, Ms. Kulesza is also four months pregnant, so apparently there's another demon on the way.

Be happier: Breed less.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm going to pretend that wasn't directed at me, too.


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