Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pulling out my hair

Let's hear it for sagas and dramas.

Back story: several months ago, my boss's boss moved from the department where I work to another department within the firm. After her move, she contacted my boss and invited him to come join her. After some (albeit brief) consideration on his part, he agreed to the move and off he went. During the course of all this being unveiled, he and I discussed the possibility of me jumping over with him. Both he and his boss are very confident in my abilities and see me as a valuable addition to their team. Several conversations took place, promises and offers were made and I came to the decision that, yes, I would like to join them as a full time employee (I've been consulting for this particular firm for 12 years).

Then... nothing.

Well, not entirely nothing. Basically I've been putting up with months of administrative bullshit. First it was the effort of actually getting the OK for the creation of the position in the first place. That took forever and a day because this has all been occurring over the summer when a lot of folks are away. Suffice to say that the requisition was OK'd only about 2 weeks ago. I "officially applied" last week, finally.

And still... nothing.

My future boss is chomping at the bit to get me on board. My current consulting contract with the firm runs out at the end of this month, so unemployment looms large. It's just the middle men I need to work my way through to get to the people who have told me I already have the job.

Damn you, middle men. Damn you all to hell.

I'm starting to loose sleep over this as I don't relish the idea of sitting on a corner, shaking a cup for change come next month. OK, that's a drastic thought, I know, but I fully expected to ALREADY BE GONE from my current position by now. I've got a week long vacation planned for September that's been on the books since early this year and it's going to suck to start the new job and then turn around and go on vacation.

The worst part is the feeling of powerlessness. I'm at the mercy of these fuckers at the moment (and by fuckers, I don't mean my new employers; I mean the schmucks who aren't doing their jobs fast enough to get through all the administrative crap). In the meantime, the really interesting work that needs to be done at my current position is slowly drying up. I've trained my replacement and am ready to get the fuck outta dodge.

It's just that the HR guys won't let me outta town yet.


So here I lounge in dreadful anticipation. I am tired of what I am doing presently and want some new challenges and responsibilities. And I could be attacking those new challenges if the goddamned bean counters would just the hell out of the way.

Hear my 9mm go bang:

Meat Beat Manifesto - Archive Things 1982-88
(chunky funky noisy from Jack and Perennial Divide)

Bonono - Dial "M" For Monkey
(sweet, fat downtempo stylings)

Boxcutter - Oneiric
(glitchin' you up)

Mothboy - Sells Out Demo/Raw Loops And Numb Breaks
(master of the broken beat breaks you up)

Milt Jackson - Wizard Of The Vibes
(he is a wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was)


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