Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Walking like a panther

I believe I briefly mentioned that I was working on the soundtrack to a pair of workout videos. Well, they have been completed and are now available for purchase

Catwalk Confidence includes:

Bold Backside 30 minutes - An intense workout incorporating a unique combination of strength and balance exercises to challenge shoulder stabilization, hip strength and ankle stability. This workout will leave you standing taller and stronger...

Crunchless Core Training 15 minutes - The intensity does not stop with this 15 minute core workout designed to challenge pelvic alignment and core control. Targeted muscles include the transverse abdominals, internal obliques and gluteal muscles.

Fierce Feet 10 minutes - The first ever workout designed to help women strengthen their feet and ankles. Strong feet and ankles are the foundation to walking confidently in stilettos. Learn simple exercises that can be done everyday!

Learn how to prevent injuries associated with wearing stilettos by increasing proper body alignment, postural tone and ankle stability.

Stiletto Recovery is a unique combination of yoga, active-isolated stretches and myofascial release targeting tight hip flexors, lower back muscles and foot and ankle stabilizers. Get your body back in balance with Stiletto Recovery!

- Realign the body after hours in stilettos

- Relax overworked muscles

- Alleviate foot and leg pain

The sounds on both DVDs are courtesy of your's truly, so definitely check 'em out.


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