Sunday, August 24, 2008

One from the vaults

I have always been obsessed with music. This has resulted in a sizeable library of titles in various formats (vinyl, cassette, CD, reel to reel, etc). However, upon moving in with Susan, it was discovered that some of said library took up entirely too much space. Since I’d replaced a good number of my cassettes with CDs, I plowed through the tapes, chucking stuff out merrily. During this process I did come across several cassettes that warranted saving, if only to move them on to CD (there is a certain joy in having ProTools set up in one’s home).

One of the tapes to survive the onslaught was a mix I had done some 10 years earlier. Hopes and Failures is a ghostly affair, floating from track to track, sometimes melancholy, sometimes spooky, sometimes arty. It’s the kind of eclectic (loathe that word, but here it is apropos) compilation of all the various weird stuff that my ears love to devour. It may cause you to dose in parts, but I can’t be held responsible for the kind of dreams it might bestow upon you...

01 Daniel Ash - The Void
02 M-1 Alternative - Diatom
03 Moodswings - Thailand/Hairy Piano
04 Delerium - Sorrow
05 Area - Dead Feather Years
06 Dead Can Dance - Windfall
07 Cocteau Twins - Dials
08 Happy Rhodes - Ode
09 Skinny Puppy - The Centre Bullet
10 Chet Baker - Moon And Sand

If you'd like to take a listen, you can check it out here. You can also head on over to the DJ Abstract website to check out other mixes. Hell, maybe you can hire me to come spook out your next party?

Bumpin' in ya back trunk:

Various - Hopes And Failures

Godflesh - 1990.03.31 Schorndorf, German
(alive and crushing)

Ebola - Mutant Dubstep Vol 1
(bass powered piledriver)

AFX - AFX Compilation
(Richard D James does his thing)

Various - Saint-Germain Cafe
(jazz funk house)


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