Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dreaming in stereo

Friends of mine just celebrated their daughter's first birthday. I'm a relatively cheap guy, so I figured instead of going out to Babies-R-Us and buying them an armor plated stroller or some such, I'd throw together a mix for Lily (their daughter). So I stepped into both my composer and DJ shoes. All the tracks on the mix were written by me under my Abstract Audio Systems guise. The object was to create a lulling mix that would put the little tyke to bed softly. Hope it does the same for you. Take a listen here.

1 Rain And Sea
2 Beside The Evening Sea (For Harriet)
3 Aedon (Sigh Mix)
4 Gossamer
5 Host Of Fireflies
6 Dulcinea
7 Wispre
8 The Dandelion Clock
9 Evergone


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