Tuesday, March 15, 2005

In praise of friends

So I'm rummaging around my CD collection this morning trying to figure out what I want to take to work with me (can't survive a day without tunes). Anyway, I stumble across a bunch of discs by my friend Mike’s Dubcrash project. Haven’t listen to these tracks in a long time, so I tossed them in my bag along with some other stuff.

I’d forgotten how good this music is!

Just finished Dark Down Deep and have started Lo Rez Past. The former is dark and moody. Very ethereal stuff, including a fantastic cover of “Shadows In The Rain” (my favorite Police song of all time). The latter is a lot more upbeat and dancey. Still dark as hell, but grooves a lot more.

I wish Mike would do more stuff like this. He’s very involved with his new band Smear Campaign, so I don’t think he’s doing too much stuff on his own. Smear Campaign is a REAL band, not just a one man project like his older stuff (not to mention mine), and they play out, so the time commitment is so much more. Still, I miss his old stuff. Electronic as fuck and don’t give a damn. Great lyrics (something I can’t do worth a damn) and funkyfunkyfunkydarkdarkdark.


Got some new samples from Angelique and hope to be throwing some tunes together based on them. I’m psyched about this project we’re doing. It’s been slow starting (we’re both really busy folk), but what we’ve got so far has been a lot of fun. Feels to me like it’s going to be a very diverse project, from dark ambient to rhythmic noise and lots of other nasty styles inbetwixt. We’ll see where it ends up.

Still need to think of a good name, though. Any suggestions?

Headnoddin’ to the following:

Dubcrash - Dark Down Deep
(beautiful and creepy all at once)

Dubcrash - Lo Rez Past
(DC lays down the dark, ambient funk; sound impossible? take a listen)

Beef Terminal - The Isolationist
(resplendent guitar ambient)

Prince - Purple Rain
(oh, shut up; it’s a classic; not as good as 1999 in my opinion, but still amazing)

Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness
(what day is complete without some Norwegian black metal?)


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