Monday, June 06, 2005

Good ol' Gitmo

International pressure for the closure of our lovely prison at Guantanamo Bay continues to mount. Amnesty International has raised serious concerns about the activities of our military there and the possible existence of other prisons where prisoners are tortured and even killed.

El Presidente, of course, wants us all to believe that this is all lies and liberal propaganda. Dumbya was heard to exclaim that the accusations came from "people who hate America, people that have been trained in some instances to disassemble, that means not tell the truth".

Actually, the word is "dissemble", you moron.

How did we not only elect but then RE-ELECT a president who has the IQ of a cabbage?

If the administration had any brains, they'd open up Gitmo for inspection by the U.N. or some other non-biased, international body. Better yet, get somebody who hates us to do it. Bring in the Koreans or get old school and bring in the Lybians. After all, those folks supposedly know their prisons... If things are as hunkydory as Bush and posse would have us believe, what would be the harm?

Guantanamo Bay continues to cost us in the international court of public opinion. Our standing in the world community is staggeringly bad as it is and the prison can only serve to dig the hole we're going to have to climb out of even deeper.

Watch in horror as he disassembles the English language and the United States Constitution.

Gitmo prisoners are routinely tortured with:

Lard - The Last Temptation Of Reid
(Jello and the Ministry guys hit you with the ol' one-two)

Fettes Brot - Auben Top Hits, Innen Geschmack
(das funky hip hop from Deutschland)

Led Zeppelin - The Led Zeppelin Box Set
(strange classic rock rumblings in my stomach when I awoke this morning)

Bastard Noise - Descent To Mimas
(ear-shredding static sheets; nosebleeds guaranteed)

Dream Into Dust - The Lathe Of Heaven
(a cauldron of black ambient, dark folk, and introspection from Derek and Bryin)


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