Friday, August 12, 2005

New quandry

Had a date last night for the first time in quite awhile. I'd been corresponding with this woman via email for a couple of weeks and we decided to met up for dinner and drinks. I had a good time. She's very nice. However, there was really no spark between us. Now, I know it makes me sound like a shallow fellow (which I won't deny, by the way), but when I meet someone the first time, I want to have that "WOW" feeling right off the bat. No one can deny that part of attraction (and large part, at least initially) is physical. That just wasn't there.

We definitely warmed up to each other as the evening progressed and I think we both felt pretty comfortable by the time I dropped her off at the subway, but I want more than this.

Now my problem is figuring out how to be nice about it. Then again, I'm assuming she wants to see me again. I could be wrong about that. Wouldn't it be nice if she called/emailed me and said "This didn't feel completely right to me. Nice to meet you, but goodbye"?

Taking responsibility sucks.

Drowning my ears on the way to Atlanta:

Reign - Embrace
(speed metal that more people should know about)

Frank Sinatra - The Wee Small Hours
(the cure for what ails ya; kind of a hair of the dog thing)

Various - TIP CD 1
(glorious acid trance)

Dustlab - Blaidz
(old skool DIY dnb)

Various - United State Of Ambience II
(fine and mel-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

>Had two glasses of wine last night, but no drunkiness so...
4 days not sauced


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