Monday, August 15, 2005

Mackie's back in town

Returned from Georgia yesterday afternoon after a pleasant visit with my sister and... her fiancé. Yes, seems she and her beau have decided to tie the knot. The fact that they met only a few months ago doesn't seem to give them any pause. I'm skeptical (she's my sister, after all), but wish them the best of luck. Her boyfriend is a very nice guy, so that’s comforting.

We spent a lot of the trip driving from place to place, as Atlanta has almost no public transportation to speak off. It’s spread out, a la LA, so lots of car time is required.

Prevalent landmarks include:

We checked out one of the local museum/science centers, which was fun. Took in a planetarium show (something I haven't done in a god's age) and that was especially cool, although the narrator of the show itself made Dumbya sound like a consummate public speaker...

We also went to a karaoke bar on Saturday night. I'll say one thing: karaoke in Georgia is REALLY scary. They have both kinds of music… if you know what I'm sayin'. I don't think I've ever heard that much fiddle during any of the considerable number of karaoke sessions I've attended. Not surprisingly, most of the stuff that got sung (if that's what you call it...) was a complete mystery to me. I did have a great time, though, in a watching-a-car-wreck kind of way.

Folks seemed impressed with our trio's singing chops, which is always nice. I finished off the evening with a rendition of Radiohead's "Creep", eliciting some cheers and happiness from the crowd. However, that the highlight of the evening was being approached by a profoundly large good old boy after I sang "Are You Lonesome Tonight". Bubbazilla extended his hand and said gruffly, "Y’all may be a Yankee, but y'all sho know how ta sing".

I managed to thank him with a completely straight face (just to ensure that it stayed that way).

Suffice to say that it was great to return to civilization. I did truly have a good time, though, and look forward to when Lisa and Tom can come up and have a brief stint with us godless heathen liberals here in New York City.

Not for sale in Walmarts throughout the Bible Belt (including those in GA):

KMFDM - Split/Piggybank
(things that used to be one do indeed become divided, being in halves)

Horchata - Integral
(USDA choice spooky tunes from New England)

Boogie Down Productions - Sex And Violence
(the Teacher backs off on the knowledge and ups the street feel)

Entombed - Left Hand Path
(ideal for clearing the cobwebs of country)

Billie Holiday - The Complete Decca Recordings
(smoky smooth vocals and epic heartbreak)

>Fell off the wagon in Georgia and stayed off, so...
0 days offa da sauce


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