Friday, November 03, 2006

Once again...

Or should I say, "Schadenfreude, Part II".

Seems Mr. Ted Haggard... Oh, pardon me. "Reverend" Ted Haggard... has resigned as president of the National Association of Evangelicals because of accusations that he has been paying a male prostitute for sex over the course of several years. Teddy has also stepped down at his own church "pending an internal investigation". The guy who has replaced him says that Haggard (and he is...) has already admitted to some of the accusations.

Strangely enough, Haggard was listed by Time magazine on its 2005 list of the 25 most influential evangelical leaders (according to CNN), "noting his participation in a weekly conference call with White House staffers and other religious leaders."

Nice, Ted.

Once again, it seems that those who shout the loudest have the most to hide. One of my favorite phrases continues to be, "Methinks the lady doth protest too much." I'm not saying that every homophobe is actually gay, but honestly, folks, why would you be so angry if there wasn't some fear involved, be it fear of discovery or fear of inadequacy? "I don't feel like a manly man, so I need to show I'm a manly man by hating faggots."

That's stupid.

Any straight man that is truly comfortable with their own sexuality should have no problem with gay men. If somebody hits on you, so what? Be complimented. God knows few enough women have the stones (metaphorically speaking) to step to a guy and make their intentions that concrete. A gay man chatting you up means you're probably a decent looking, interesting dude. Take it as a compliment and then politely decline.

He'll understand.

Wouldn't it be nice if gay people could just say, "Hey, I'm gay" and get on with their lives? Can you imagine if Ted could have done that when he was a teen? Sure, he wouldn't have his wife and his five kids, but I daresay he'd probably be happier and there'd be slightly less anti-gay sentiment in the world. Heck, if the church didn't have its head up its ass so far, he still could have been a Reverend or whatever.

"I've no idea what I'm doing."

Of course, the caveat to all this is that we still live in an incredibly intolerant country. I'm lucky enough to live in a place where a person can come out of the closet and be embraced by a culture that already exists here. Coming out in Colorado is, no doubt, a different situation. After all, they're in the midst of trying to ban gay marriage, "God hates fags", etc.

Some advice: Move to civilization.

(Man, I can be a real asshole sometimes)

I like to listen to these with all of my God-cursed, gay friends:

Alien Sex Fiend - Curse
(with the big boobies)

3rd Bass - The Cactus Album
(two white boys doin' it better than the Beasties)

The Opus - Breathing Lessons
(mad tight instrumental alt-hop)

Kraftwerk - The Mix
(boom chock)

Deep Forest - Boheme
(their first album is so much better)


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